Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go?

Truthstream Media – April 11th, 2022
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A deregulated derivatives market looms over the globalization era, making the next crisis inevitable. The tech bubble, terrorism, war and fraud foretell the demise of the dollar.

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People suffer under high interest rates, as Fed Chair Paul Volcker fights inflation; meanwhile, hints of a “Phoenix” global currency emerge as exuberant markets crack, and a “plunge protection team” works secretly to prop them back up.

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Major central bank gold transfers precipitate WWII, fueling tragedy and destruction, while cataclysm re-emerges as a world ordered and denominated in dollars. Exit gold.

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In the tumultuous 1920s-30s, depression set in; FDR seized power and gold; bank functions were nationalized; dollars rebuilt Europe; and the stage set for the next world war.

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The secretive scheme for the newly born central bank was a means to an end, for nine months later would come the Great War… creating a global superpower operating under the reigns of those who conceived it.

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