No Russia, No NATO. Any questions?

Streamed live on Jul 18th, 2018 – Why the Russophobia? This. See Also: (Lionel) – The Patriot Agenda: Seizing Control of the Political Narrative, Supporting POTUS and Keeping Faith Remember what Cicero spake, “After victory, you have more enemies.” Fret not. Fear not. Stay the

The Plan, Hide Data & Bring The Stock Market Down

Housing market is falling apart very quickly. Starts and permits tumbled YoY and we are now in stage 2 of the housing bubble. Once we hit stage 3 it is game over. The Fed is raising the interest rates, they know this will bring down

Boom, The Entire Plan Has Been Taken To The Next Level

Mueller knows that the Russian’s cannot be extradited to the United States. Putin just called his bluff. Mueller is preparing to protect those who committed crimes by giving them immunity. During a press conference with Trump the lights went out when Trump was explaining that

Mark Zuckerburg Says InfoWars Should NOT Be Shut Down

Mark Zuckerberg says InfoWars is not “intentionally getting it wrong” and even admits he himself sometimes gets things wrong so that simply “getting it wrong” is NOT a valid reason for banning InfoWars from facebook. See Also: (Infowars) – What The ??? Congress Steps In

Neocon-spiracy Theories: “Pearl Harbor” for Globalists

For the globalists any detente in their Cold War 2 is “Pearl Harbor”, “Kristallnacht” and “9/11” rolled into one. They freaked out when he mocked “Little Rocket Man” whose nuke button doesn’t work, but they went hysterical when he didn’t mock Putin whose nuke buttons

Election Meddling or Muddling?

Lionel joins David Knight to look at the cognitive dissonance of the swirling conspiracy theories re “election meddling”. See Also: (Lionel) – Trump’s Genuflection Hostage Video Show of Fealty to Russophobic Kremlin-Bating Deep State Intel MIC The Deep State is a not-so-clandestine rats nest of

Keiser Report: American Labor Shortage

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss how former Treasury Secretary and ex-head of the NY Fed, Timothy Geithner, is now ‘monetizing poor people’ in the dismal American economy he helped engineer. They also look at the so-called ‘labor shortage’ in

CrossTalk: Apocalyptic Reaction

The very idea of a Trump-Putin summit was controversial from the start. They met in Helsinki and essentially agreed the U.S. and Russia should at least engage in dialogue. Much of the media and the foreign policy swamp reacted with an apocalyptic meltdown. Has the

We’re All Slaves To The Algorithm

Paul Joseph Watson joins reveals how all content creators and independent media entrepreneurs across the internet are enslaved to algorithms created by leftist tech companies for total control.

Russian Collusion Fever Reaches New Heights

Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson present a video compilation of Russian-Collusion fever as it spreads across the mainstream media landscape. See Also: (Infowars) – Did You See That? Watch The MSM Meltdown Over Trump’s Meeting With Putin Look Out Here They Come! The Democrats

The True Meaning Of The Treason Summit

In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the summit between Trump and Putin in Helsinki and goes beyond the media calling it a Treason Summit as people like John McCain attacked the meeting for even happening. Other people such as Rand Paul thought the meeting

Attack of the GOP Shills: Wallace, McCain, Graham

Hillary was right about one thing: “you’ve got to know who’s on your team”. Now we know without a doubt who’s on the neocon, perpetual war machine. See Also: (David Knight) – What the Helsinki? Hysterical Reactions to Trump/Putin Establishment media & politicians—both left &

Globalists Move To Censor Infowars

Globalists are setting the stage for a military coup against president Trump and calling for Alex Jones and Infowars to be completely censored from the internet. See Also: (Infowars) – Watch House Democrats Call For Conservatives To Be Completely Banned Off The Web Alex Jones

Trump-Putin Fallout: Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace

Following yesterday’s Trump-Putin summit and press conference, the mainstream media and most politicians have come completely unhinged. Some openly call for a coup against Trump. Most endlessly repeat the absurd claim that it is “treasonous” to meet with a foreign leader they don’t like. How

Welcome to Your Driverless Future!

We’ve all seen the propaganda by now: Like it or not, autonomous driving technology is on the way. But what will that future look like? Should we be concerned about the lack of control implicit in these technologies? How vulnerable they are to hackers, both

Keiser Report: Consequences of Neoliberalism

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy ask why it takes a British worker five days to produce the same economic value as a French worker produces in just four. Productivity has collapsed in the UK to the lowest since 1794. In

Trump Was Brilliant at Summit and Fake News Are Going Nuts!

The man refined brilliance. See Also: (Lionel) – Strzok Strikes Comedy Parody Gold: Think Percy Dovetonsils Meets Vincent D’Onofrio Meets Paul Lynde Percy Dovetonsils is a fictional character created and played by television comedian Ernie Kovacs. It is probably the best remembered of Kovacs’ many