Economy Unravels As Inflation Persists

Maneco64 – January 21st, 2022 – Today we will look at the continued degeneration of the major economies around the world. We will look at how UK retail sales dropped even more than expected in December and how German PPI continues to surge. Our conclusion is that the major governments of the West have crowded out the private sector and unless they provide more Keynesian stimulus we will see a major economic collapse.
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Today we will look at why Central Bankers are cornered and only pretending that they will fight inflation. Our conclusion is that inflation is already baked into the cake and what we are seeing now in terms of rising prices is the consequence of inflationary policy.

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Today we will look at why the West is collapsing under the weight of debt and inflation. We will be referencing The Law by Frederic Bastiat in order to prove that what we have today is a system of Legal Plunder.