Guide to the Senior Executive Service (S.E.S.)

Is this how they fund the deep state?

Many people are pointing to this program, so we take a look at a few government documents, videos, and websites in an attempt to understand what they say this #ses is from a realistic perspective

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Thomas Paine & Michael McKibben found some hard to find (and decipher) documentation of what most of us have never heard of. A government organization of HIGH LEVEL positions with super authority called the Senior Executive Services (SES). 8 thousand Leftist foot soldiers INSIDE government whose sole mission is to thwart Trump’s agenda. We can finally SEE in the light of day, with actual names, who this “Shadow government” is we’ve all heard about. Seperate from what we call the Deep State.

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3-22-2018 Field McConnel of Able Danger gives you names and wants to meet with Trump to expose SES/SERCO.

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Time to hash tag SES and start driving the narrative.

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