The Choice is Yours: Avatar or Zombie

During the Ecstasy of Cosmic Consciousness retreat, a student asks Shunyamurti: What is motivating the evil beings of Kali Yuga? Shunyamurti offers a summary of the mass psychosis that has taken over the world and the state of consciousness that is available to all who choose to be part of the redemption, not the fall, of the human spirit.
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Transformation is a choice, and it is time to choose: the world of the ego, the loka of the soul, or the realm of Spirit–but you must first open your heart and mind to the total freedom to decide your destiny. Shunyamurti encourages us to choose the best of all possible worlds, and get off at the junction of the Singularity, the meeting point of matter and antimatter, where you meet the other side of you.

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In this classic teaching, Shunyamurti shares the Zen enlightenment story of Linji under his teacher Huang Po, reminding us to be unafraid to be free–and to be unafraid to be hit with the laughing stick of joy, love and bliss!–so we can break open the false mind of the ego and realize the Real Mind of the True Self.

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Is the end of the world the end of existence or just a shift to a whole new world? Shunyamurti reminds us that we exist in a mortal universe, a holographic projection, and now is the time for all souls to ascend–and for old souls to try Liberation for a change!

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Shunyamurti speaks to the real of Love, the key to reaching the Real; all ego’s are traumatized in the imaginary register of consciousness and must re-discover real love that dissolves the ego, and the self-arising wisdom that comes from wandering within the matrix, in order to transcend the dream, and to realize the great laughter of Liberation.