The Media is the Monster that Controls Us – Questions and Answers with Shunyamurti

Will you become one with that supreme force of ecstatic power that will change the world to a Heaven from a Hell? That is the real question that Shunyamurti asks to those recruits of consciousness who are willing to adopt the level of vibrational frequency necessary to bring the ecstatic bliss of knowing the True Self to the sickness of our current society.
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Shunyamurti describes advaya: no beliefs can capture Reality. If you free yourself from all beliefs, you will be free of suffering and attune to the real of nonduality. But this is not to be taken as a belief–do the experiment and discover for yourself what is True and what is Real.

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Shunyamurti reveals how to break free from the system that controls the world, a system that cultivates lack and promotes dependency; we must cut through this systemic illusion to remember who we are, to forget who we are not, to re-gain the Shakti Power that comes from Pure Presence, and re-claim the system of the Real that brings divine union and bliss. Also: (Sat Yoga Institute) – The Hidden Meaning of The Wizard of Oz: An Esoteric Allegory ~ A Shunyamurti Film Night Introduction