CrossTalk | Corona Fears

The #coronavirus is a global health danger that has yet to be contained. This virus has also raised questions about the integrity of supply chains, open borders, and the weaknesses of globalization. And dangerously, this virus is being used as a political weapon. CrossTalking with Fred Teng, Scott Ritter, and John Gong.
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Showdown in Syria. As the Damascus government continues its drive to liberate the country, Turkey’s illegal military presence has created a major international crisis. Erdogan is between a rock and a very hard place. CrossTalking with Glenn Diesen, Dmitry Babich, and Alex Christoforou.

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In London, Julian Assange is in court to decide whether he will be extradited to the US to face espionage charges. The stakes could not be higher. Assange’s liberty, even life, is on the line. Freedom of speech is also on trial – though you wouldn’t know that from the mainstream media. CrossTalking with Joe Lauria, Taylor Hudak, and Alexander Mercouris.