It’s NOT OK for WikiLeaks to Tell the Truth

Assange is targeted for prosecution because he told the truth about the people who lie to us continually. This is the most dangerous time in centuries for free speech, free press and a free people in western civilization.

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We’ve seen it with airlines, airports & the TSA — they don’t care, they don’t have to care. But it’s coming to every aspect of your life as free markets and capitalism are dying, killed by public/private partnerships of big business & politicians.

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As GM announced major plant closings and restructuring, analysts were quick to blame “Trump tariffs” and NAFTA 2.0. But not even Obama wanted to buy the subsidized EV, the Chevy Volt, after he promised he would 6 years ago. The real context is the UN Agenda 2030 and Smart Cities and the dangers are coming from the Washington bureaucracy’s CAFE & safety mandates

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