WikiLeaks is ‘absolutely protected under the First Amendment’ – Lionel

The Trump DOJ inadvertently revealed in a court filing that it has charged Julian Assange in a sealed indictment. The disclosure occurred through a remarkably amateurish cutting-and-pasting error in which prosecutors unintentionally used secret language from Assange’s sealed charges in a document filed in an unrelated case. Although the document does not specify which charges have been filed against Assange, the Wall Street Journal reported that “they may involve the Espionage Act, which criminalizes the disclosure of national defense-related information,” the Intercept reports.

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Western media outlets are reporting that the cartoon “Masha and the Bear,” enormously popular worldwide, may be Russian propaganda aimed at your children! To Lionel of Lionel Media, this is yet more proof of the insanity gripping mainstream news.

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