Behind The Scenes There Is Secret High Level Negotiations Between Syria & The US

Comey’s memos are kept a secret, they will not release them to the public after they leaked to the press, the people have the right to see the memos. California will not allow deploy the National Guard to the border like the other states. Facebook might face fines from a class action lawsuit.Macron does a complete 180 on what he said about convincing Trump about keeping the troops in Syria. The White House backs away from Nikki Haley’s statement about sanctions on Russia. Reporter who visited the site in Syria says there was no chemical attack, no sign of it. The US is in secret negotiations with Syria, Syria paused the fourth round of talks but they will continue.Deep state is now getting nervous, they are reporting that Russia messed with the chemical attack site, this is false. The OPCW is at the site and it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out.