Certain Players Needed To Keep The [Fed] Economy Operational, All Will Be Exposed

Jobless claims soar. The elite don’t want you to realize certain loop holes in the economy. Trump is attacking the Fed, the entire plan revolves around keeping the economy alive long enough to blame the Fed for the collapse. He needed to individuals that already knew how to manipulate the system and use them to the very end. The plan revolves around bringing down the Fed and hurting as few people as possible.

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The deep state is now trying to come after Trump from all different angles. The bill to protect Mueller did not pass, Flake postpones the meeting on the judges, Schiff is tweeting out of fear. Goodlatte corners Comey says closed door meeting, video tape release to public, you got your transparency.Mueller past is filled with criminal activity.Trump retweeted the photo from a fan page that show many behind bars. Q responds to this tweet that a picture is worth many sentences.