The Covert Operation Behind The Turkey Operation, The Out Maneuvering Of The Cabal

The Government has been shutdown, not really, certain areas have been cut. The government is never had funds, this is about borrowing more funds to keep everything operational, eventually the world will lose faith the US and dump the dollar and treasuries. The House Intel committee has begun the process of releasing the memo. The FBI might have funded Christopher Steele in regards to Fusion GPS.FBI failed to preserve text message between Strzok and page. NSA has the ability to hear everything everyone is saying and identify who they are. North Korea delegation is now visiting South Korea to prepare for the Olympics. The Cabal sails another warship close to China’s islands to provoke them. Turkish tanks cross the border into Syria to destroy the weapons of the Kurdish forces. This operation is to stop the Cabal from pushing their agenda for war, to stop the buildup of troops on the border to separate Syria into two different countries.