Did Trump Just Expose The [DS] [CB] Economy With One Tweet?

It is not going well for Theresa May, she has now set the date for vote on Jan 15. The auto apocalypse is now hitting Germany, China and the rest of Europe and don’t forget about the US. People are not buying new cars as they use to. German industrial production has declined. Job opening begin to tumble, we are starting to see the same signs we saw back in 2007-2008. Trump tweeted out something very interesting, he just called out the DS and the CB

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Jim Jordan and team wrote a letter to Huber that he needs to hand over material they requested. The DS is catching on that Mueller might not be working for them and that he might come up with nothing. [HRC] tweets that we need to stop corruption in DC by passing a bill. Army getting ready to build the wall. In the past Obama has declared a national emergency. Congress had no problem funding a wall/fence in Jordan along their border.Trump signs bill to help Vets. Russian lawyer is indicted. Macron is losing control with the yellow vests. Have Q and the patriots confirmed something about [RBG] and is the [DS] getting ready to use this as a distraction.

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