Fed Rolling Back Tests, It’s All Being Rolled Back

Canada’s housing market is imploding, growth is slowing and it will eventually go negative like it did back in the 80’s. Caterpillar once again is reporting weakening sales. The manipulation is coming to an end. Conspiracy no more for gold. JP Morgan trader turns states evidence and points to others. This is not just a one off thing. Fed is now rolling back regulations that were put into place to trick the public into thinking that the banks were strong.

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CNN sues White House. Bolton receives recordings from Turkey, says there is nothing in their that implicates SA. Schumer tries to protect Mueller. Deep state pushing fake news stories, going all out to push their agenda. Q drops more bread, says elections are being messed with, everything will be revealed in 45. The EO is the key, it lays out the plan, the Q team has been recording and gathering evidence, watch CA, watch everyone, its about to hit.