Gold Is The Key, Patriots Have The Fed Scrambling

Earning season does not look good, companies are not doing as we were told. The economic illusion the [CB] created is now falling apart, it will be showing up in the people’s sector and not the stock market, not the statistical numbers. Trump and team will be moving quickly to prepare the country for the transition. Certain Fed officials are trying to control the narrative but Powell continues with with plan. Russia is continuing to de-dollarize and says gold will be very important moving forward.

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Judicial Watch says it is now ready to move forward with depositions in regards to Clinton’s email server. Trump trolls Acosta. Trump tweets out the wall is being built. Graham pushes national emergency to build the wall. Trump will not attend the Davos Economic Forum, neither will Macron. Troops and equipment are now being withdrawn from Syria. Q dropped more bread, incoming booms, RBG, someone flying into China, what happens if a woman is nominated for SC.