Gov’ts Are Manipulating Markets Contrary To What The People Want, Time To Reset It All: K Neumeyer

Published on Jan 6th, 2019 – x22Report – Today’s Guest: Keith Neumeyer

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The elite around the world are beginning to use fear to push their agenda. If you don’t accept our deal bad things will happen. If you don’t accept the BREXIT deal we will enter the unknown. The economy is continuing to decline, the housing market in the US and around the world is losing steam. The MSM is now pushing their fear plan to shift the narrative. Q has warned of this happening, and the CB, DS still think they are in control and Powell is working for them.

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Trump is still pushing the wall and the government is still shutdown. Trump uses the quotes from past Presidents and other government officials. Yellow vest rebellion continues, the MSM is not reporting on it. Bolton says Turkey must guarantee that they will not attack the Kurds. Q drops more bread, explains how money is used to line the pockets of government officials. Mueller might be working for the white hats, insurance policy has expired. The DS has been caught in a trap.