The Illusion Will Continue To The End, Then It’s Game Over

Iran is preparing to create their own cryptocurrency to get around the sanctions. The US sanctions will no long work if countries use a different currency system and other countries accept it. The central bank is pushing a 2nd BREXIT vote so they can manipulate and show to the world that the UK people don’t want to leave. Housing is declining in Australia and many homeowners are in mortgage prison. The GDP number that the BEA reported on are completely made up, this is part of the illusion to make everyone think the economy is doing great but the MSM is now pushing the idea that the economy is not doing well.

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Matt Gaetz has filed a complaint with the FEC over shadow banning. US trying to negotiate peace deal in Afghanistan. MSM continues to report that the US is going bomb Iran. This seems to be the same fake news that occurred with NK. Syria is negotiating a peace deal with the moderate rebels. The clowns are warning that a cyber attack might hit the supply chain. Q drops more bread crumbs, the storm is raging, the time has come, the deep state is about to fall.