It Happened, Have We Just Witnessed “The Marker”

Brenda Snipes has resigned her position. Tim Canova tweets out that Snipes has committed fraud the elections. Trump says big changes are coming in administration. Trump says Whitaker is free to do what he needs to do in regards with Mueller. Blumenthal is filing a lawsuite to remove Whitaker. Trump waiting for the full report from CIA, Blumenthal says Trump must accept the CIA report. Traffic from Mexico to San Diego was halted so more security could be put in place. Trump tweeted out what the wall looks like, there is barbwire on the wall to prevent climbing. Haiti people want the old government out because of corruption. Trump slashes funding for Afghanistan and Pakistan and mention Bin Laden, is this the “marker”.Houthi’s want peace in Yemen.

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Mall retailers are being hammered, after this holiday season many retailers might not be in business. Retail sales is not that hot, online sales are continuing to increase but have not reached the one to one ratio with brick and mortar sales. Housing activity decreases as rates increase. The establishment are producting polls that are showing economist telling the Fed to slow down the rate hike, so now we have financial pundits, the WSJ and economist telling the Fed the same thing, if the rates continue at this pace the economy will collapse

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Governor Jerry Brown agrees with Trump on how the forest fires could have been prevented. Gowdy goes after Comey about public testimony, Nunes calls for declas of more emails. The deep state is fighting back saying Ivanka used private email comparing it to Clinton. Schumer, Blumenthal pushing to get Whitaker out. Judge rules to block Trump’s asylum EO. Trump answers questions about Khashogi’s murder, calls out the deep state in the process. Saudis and Houthis decide on a cease fire and maybe peace in Yemen.The calls are getting louder the deep state is using projection to head off what is coming. Carpet bombs which will lead to MOAB.