It’s Just Getting Started, Enjoy The Ride

Mitt Romney wrote a hit piece on Trump, this was done on purpose. Mueller is in trouble with the Russian company he accused of Russian collusion.Rudy Giuliani says Assange should not be arrested.Austria says they will not be part of the European Army that Macron and Merkel want. NK has completely changed, Kim Jong Un gives a televised talk and the optics have changed. Trump give timeline for troop withdrawal from Syria. Hackers say they will release 911 docs if ransom is not paid. Trump accomplished alot in 2 years, tweets out enjoy the ride in 2019.

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Sears is closing 80 more stores in March. Manufacturing has declined. Trump tweeted that the gas prices are low, Trump is using all the tricks the DS and the CB have used in the past. He lowered the gas prices to keep the economy moving along while he prepares for the transition. The central bankers have warned us about the global slow down, they are pointing the finger at Trump trying to blame him, but World Bank explains why we are seeing a global slowdown and it has do with debt. Trump and Q have told us that gold will bring down the Fed.