Lift Off On 1.1.19, Courts-Martial Around The Corner

Trump lashes out at Cohen, Mueller is being investigated for holding back information. FBI raids mayor of Atlantic City. Q drops bread and they point to 1.1.19 which is when the EO comes into play. The deep state is cornered, they thought they were in control, they are not. All place holders are ready, it all begins very soon. The protesters in France are protesting against the elite, this is spreading WW. People are waking up and this is what the elite feared the most a world that is awake cannot be put back to sleep.

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The Central Banks are cornered, the BREXIT is now being exposed and Trump was right about the deal Theresa May was pushing. The people who voted themselves away from the EU are not getting what they wanted. Trump tweets that his relationship with Xi is great, they are moving in a positive direction. Russia,China, EU and many other countries are moving away from the dollar, what do they know?