Panic Sets In, The Financial Pundits Beg The Fed To Stop, The Plan Pushes Forward

The people are not happy in the UK, the BREXIT deal is not what they wanted, their voices were not heard. Wells Fargo and Credit Suisse are laying off employees. Retail sales are not doing as well as everyone thought. Financial pundits are warning the Fed to stop with the interest rates. They want the Fed to pause and wait and see. But the plan must go forward, the take down of the central banking system is the plan.

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The MSM is now pushing their agenda in every area. Election fraud, events in CA, the caravan moving up to the border, they are pushing very hard to take control, but it will not work, it might seem like they have the upper hand but this is on purpose. NYT, Facebook and Soros in a story, seems like this is a setup to make Soros a victim and point the finger at a scapegoat. The hammer can only fall when all the players are in position, the reason for this is because most of the players that investigate, rule etc… are corrupt, they use intent as their shield, to break through the shield there must be evidence, hard facts to prove their was intent.