Right On Cue, Trump Doesn’t Like The Interest Rate Hike, Wink, Wink

Google and other social media platforms decided to allow cryptocurrency ads back on their sites. So the central bank is now ok with cryptocurrency because they believe they turned enough people away from it. Pending homes sales declined. Final 2nd quarter numbers are in and the gdp number was released and it is the strongest in 4 years. The interest on the debt will be more that the defense budget. Trump comes out and is very disappointed in the Fed, he wishes they didn’t do it.

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Kavanaugh accusers are lining up and accusing the Judge. Most of the complaints are being debunked. Both Ford and Kavanuagh testify in front of congress. There are many inconsistencies in Fords testimony, she doesn’t remember dates, who paid for the lie detector test, here fear of flying has been debunked. Kavanaugh produces a calendar showing that he was not in town during this party. The deep state is trying to push an FBI investigation, they need to continue on this to delay the vote.