Setup Almost Complete, Gold Is The Weapon To Bring Down The Central Bank

May says BREXIT deal will happen in January 2019. US student loan debt has doubled since the great recession of 2008. Homebuilder optimism is declining rapidly. Trump is continually slamming the Fed this is part of the plan. He is building the narrative to show the people of the US and the world that the central bank is responsible for the economy imploding. The weapon to bring down the Fed will be gold.

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Flynn is in the spotlight once again, Mueller played his next card and made a move, used ammunition. Trump predicted this before it happened with a tweet. Comey is not cooperating in his second hearing. Schiff makes a move on Trump, they need to look everywhere, but they are not concerned with [HRC] email, fake 302s, etc. Enveloped were delivered to all the players, get ready for the counter. Get ready for the plot twist. Looks like there is peace talks happening in Afghanistan.