The Message Has Been Sent, Globalism Is Over, Everything Is About To Change

The EU is making very difficult for the UK to break away, that is because the central banks does not want this to happen and the UK might make a hard break. Initial jobless claims hit an all time low and every-time this happened the country went into a recession. Existing home sales at there lowest in 30 years. 24 million people using their home equity as ATM again. The economy is breaking down and Trump just sent a message to the central banks and to the globalists, globalism is over.

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Kavanaugh accuser has until Friday to testify, the NYT some how got the email from Ford saying that she will attend. Scalia’s clerk says new info will be coming out that will exonerate Kavanaugh. Baker and Nellie Ohr refuse to testify in front of congress. Putin tells the EU to stop paying the refugees and the problem will go away. NK and SK will create a joint military committee. US putting together a treaty with Iran and they are hoping that Iran accepts. Q drops more bread and opens the discussion up to anons. Q informs us that everything is in place and ready to go.