The Narrative Shift Is Almost Complete, Once Completed, Boom

Umich sentiment drops as more and more people are being pushed out of the market, auto spending outlook falls by the waste side and student loan debt is rising as delinquencies start to kick in. Student loans is the Millennial’s worst nightmare, they have so much debt that they cannot function in the real world, many went to college hoping to get a high paying job, but all they received was debt and a low paying job. The narrative shift is almost complete a couple more rate hikes by the Fed and Trump contradicting them will seal the deal.

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It is being reported that NBC news knew that Avenatti interview of the woman who was backing Swetnick story was not true. FBI left out important info when applying for the FISA warrant, the truth is emerges. The bomber has been caught and the story does not match or make sense. The individual Cesar he goes by many names was a registered democrat and it wouldn’t make sense for him to do this, it seems the deep state found themselves an innocent who might be mentally ill. The caravan headed up to the US is shrinking in size, Trump getting ready to sign an executive order. Days of darkness will give way to light and the American people will learn the truth.