The Strategy That Is Being Used To Dismantle The Fed Is Over 100 years Old

The MSM are trying to make sense of what is happening with the Fed, they are trying to make it seem that this is just an adjustment to the rates. Trump controls the narrative and from his latest tweet you can see the entire plan is right on schedule. The push to take down the Fed is being executed, the patriots are using a strategy which is 100 years old. The entire economy structure is about to cha

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CNN’s 2014 journalist of the year made up fake news stories. Lawsuit reveals that McCain’s associate handed over the dossier. [LL] has testified and the [DS] is panicking.Mueller’s protection bill fails to pass, panic in DC. Whitaker does not have to recuse himself. Trump wants the wall, he will not sign any package that does not include wall. The troops are coming home from Syria, all bombing an flights will halt as the troops are removed from Syria. Q drops more bread, the clock is ticking the first alarm bell is ready to go off. If Q is a conspiracy then why attack with such force.