The Time Is Now, Warnings, Confirmations, Prepare

Brexit talks are on hold, the central bankers will never let any country leave. Over half of America gets more welfare than they pay in taxes. This is what the central bankers want, they want people dependent, enslaved and desperate. New homes, existing homes and now pending homes all decline, the entire system is falling apart. The ECB is not going to raise rates they will slow the stimulus, they know if they raise rates its game over. Peter Schiff says the way of life in America is going to change when the system comes down, so get prepared.

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The deep state is in full panic mode. They are pushing the Khashogi event, the caravan, the packages that contained bombs, this is being done on purpose because they are panicking. They are also projected when the MSM puts out articles that Trump is using an unsecure phone in the White House, they are trying to compare this to HRC unsecure server. The deep state is now desperate. The hammer is falling.