The Truth Slips Out, [DS] [CB] Begin To Counter Patriots Economic Plan

The housing market continues to decline, pending homes sales have now crashed to their lowest point in the last 4 years. The Fed will continue to raise rates until the entire system rips itself apart, this is plan, patriots are in control. CNBC slipped out with the idea that the Fed propped up the stock market with QE, then laughed about it to correct the slip up. The MSM begins their narrative of why the economy is going to fail next year, the fingers are pointing at Trump, but the narrative control is with the patriots.

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The MSM pushed the idea that Trump broke military regulation, big fail. Comey’s confession shows that the dossier was never verified and the FISA warrant was obtained illegally. [D] introduce bill, Mexico will pay for the wall.Trump threatens to close the southern boarder. Stats for websites and social media sites are turning out to be fake. Khashoggi was not who everyone thought he was. Angela Merkel gives speech and says we don’t care what the people say. Syria and Kurds make agreement. The DS is in the process of using all their ammunition, they are pushing as many stories as possible to push the narrative in their direction, this will not work, propaganda will not win over truth.