Time To Declas FISA To Unite The People: Harley Schlanger

Published on Dec 18th, 2018 – x22Report – Today’s Guest: Harley Schlanger

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Housing permits bounce, starts decline. Vegas traffic is drying up, nobody is going to look at homes. The breakdown of the economy is getting worse, but this is the plan. Take the central bank economy and destroy it. Trump continues to contradict the Fed, tells the Fed not wise to raise rates. As the Fed raises rates it is also making itself insolvent, all part of the plan.

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Mueller was ordered to hand over the 302’s, he handed redacted and altered 302s. Judge Sullivan was pushing treason, many believed he was been thrown in jail but this was not part of the plan. The [DS] was just setup, people might have missed it. This was part of the show Q has been talking about. The entire hearing was to get the public on the same page, make sure they understood was a Foreign Agent was, all part of the big picture. The PM of Belgium resigned after the people said no to the UN migration pact.