Trump Has Showed Us That The Elite, CB’s, Are Not All Powerful,They Can Be Beat: Bob Kudla

Published on Dec 13th, 2018 – x22Report – Today’s Guest: Bob Kudla

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The entire BREXIT deal is not going well for May, she is in trouble and she already said that she will not run in the next election. The EU will not renegotiate the terms of the BREXIT. US households hold more treasuries foreigners, this will not end well. This was planned back when Obama was President. Q confirms that gold will bring down the Fed. More and more posts are talking about the central bank and how it is going to be brought down

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Cohen gets prison and Trump tweets about it. OIG report is released and the FBI blames a glitch for the missing text messages. Flynn demands to see the 302’s. Schiff wants to change the rules and indict the President, worried, afraid, projection. MSM can’t back up Trump stats, so DHS gives them the stats. Macron is in real trouble, the people are not stopping. Q holds a Q/A with the anons and answers many questions, Q talks about 2nd prosecutor, how we as a nation avoided the Z plan and tells us that severe pain in coming to DC very soon. This is just the beginning.