Very Strong Signals Being Sent, The Plan Is The Ultimate Plan

Xi is sending a signal to Trump, the trade deal is almost complete. The entire economic system is about to change. The economy is collapsing rapidly and everything needs to be put in place before this happens. The Fed is now under the control of Trump, he is dictating what the Fed should do next and how they are going to bring down this economy.

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Grassley writes a letter to Blumenthal saying Simpson lied in Senate testimony. Facebook has been caught using data without the users consent. Trump goes after Macron, tells him the people are siding with him about taxes, climate change etc. Q drops more bread crumbs, warns deep state might try another stunt to delay, but the next stunt will need to be larger to really postpone the inevitable. Q and team countered the deep state delay by getting Flynn off. Other investigation are ongoing but the memo is heavily redacted.