Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 5-28-18

Techniques do Daily Hammer the Minions, Ensuring Standardized Opinions

Topics: The System is Not that Complicated – Language, Neurolinguistics – Verbal Symbols are Very Effective for Controlling People – Standardized Opinions – Psychopaths have No Problem Rationalizing that They Should Not Be Part of The Herd – Bloomberg Wants to Tax Poor People More to Change Their Habits – Much Easier to Indoctrinate the Young – The Mob is Fickle and Easily Swayed – In This World, the Fight is to Find Yourself – Functionality Takes Self- Discipline – Using Christian Leaders for Political Agendas – Bernays – Use Existing Institutions – Money – Your Taxes Used to Fund Wars, Abortion, Euthanasia – Bio-Chemical Changes in People – Vaccinations – So Many Vaccines Today are Grown on Cancers – The Book, Acres of Skin – Positive Thinking, Training the Public Not to Look at the Negative – Chimera – Chemtrails – Secret Document FCO 30/1048 Kept Truth About EU from British for 30 Years – CFR, RIIA – Document from 1971 for Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath – NAFTA – Karl Marx, Three Trading Blocs for the World – Canada, Time to Enforce Border Laws – Killing Gaza – Eric Margolis’ article, Palestinians-70 Years of Suffering – Scotland’s GIRFEC and Wellbeing.