Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 7-1-18

“The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Deceptions”

Thunderstorm, High Humidity – Jacques Ellul said We Learn by Osmosis – Constant Revolution – Official Secrets Acts in Every Country – First Duty of Power is to Protect Itself – Enjoyment of Life – Propaganda – Wartime Rationing and Malnourishment – Skulls Found Under Mexico City Reveal Massive Scale of Human Sacrifice in Aztec Capital – Media’s Role in Shaping Your Opinions – Memes Designed to Take Hold Like an Inoculation – Quigley, CFR, Chatham House – Freemasonry – Charity – Anthropologists Sent with Troops to Manipulate Cultures of the Countries Invaded – Alexander the Great – Philosophical Mentors Steeped in the Mysteries – Greek Mythology, Good Stories about Human Nature – Mathematics, Laws – Aristotle – Social Change During War – Taking Out Gaddafi – PNAC, Project for a New American Century – NSA Spy Hubs – Australia’s Anti-Foreign Meddling Laws – Queen Elizabeth Makes Millions From the U.K.’s Offshore Wind Farms – More than 4 Million UK Adults Forced to use Food Banks – Tens of Thousands of Pensioners Face Income Cuts after HMRC Identified Decades of Payment Errors – Teenage Suicides in London on the Rise – 132 Candidates or Politicians Killed Since Start of Mexico’s Electoral Campaign – Ruthlessness and Psychopathy – Human Nature – Abortion – Euthanasia.