Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 7-29-18

Genetics Must Lead to the Eugenics Czar, Who’ll Decide Your Fate if Just Below PAR

Topics: Please Support the Talks by Ordering Books and Discs or Donating at – Everything Today is Warfare – Job of Media is to Control All Thought, Give Us Our Opinions – People No Longer Know the Views of those Who Control Media – Most Data Today is Trivia – Machiavelli – The Art of Managing People – Movie, The Looker, Shows What was Understood About Advertising – Eugenics – Indoctrinating Children at a Very Early Age – The Transgender Push Distracts from Issues that Affect Us All – Movie, Three Days of the Condor – Oil Wars – The Incredible Cost of War – The Goal is Always World Government – Depopulation – Many Ways to Stop Breeding – Julian Huxley – Foundations, NGOs, Fomenting Protest – You can’t Compete with the Lobbying Power of NGOs – Rather than Protect Children, Give Them Right to Consent – Hypersexualizing Children – Abortion, Euthanasia – The Art of Politics is to Play Games – Planned Parenthood – Margaret Sanger – United Nations, Sex Education Agenda, UNESCO – Rockefeller and U.N. Population Policies – Early Eugenics Society Members included Julian Huxley, H.G. Wells, the Darwins and Galtons – Genetics and Modern Eugenics – The Galton Collection on Eugenics – Galton and Selective Breeding – Introduction of Mandatory Schooling for Children – Peter Hitchens, White Helmets – H.G. Wells and Promotion of Free Love, Destruction of Family – The Galton Institute – Movie, Gattaca, Defective Genes – Arthur C. Clarke, 3001 – Warfare Game Strategy – Weather Warfare.