Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 8-12-18

From Chaos come Columns of Young Eager Truth Seekers, Who then Sacrifice their Minds to System-Supplied Leaders

Topics: Carroll Quigley, Leaders of the Parties all Belong to the Same Organizations – Trilateral Commission – 9/11 – Wealthy Middle Classes Come into Countries Driving Up Real Estate Prices – Survival Redoubts in New Zealand for the Ultra-Wealthy – Mass Migration Not Happening by Chance – The World is Managed – Layers of Intelligence Agencies – Movie, Enemy of the State – Club of Rome Came Up with the Excuse for Agenda, Man is the Enemy – Eugenics – Junk Genes the Reason the Elite Give for Your Failure to Be Successful – Sterility Across the West – Culling the Herd – Machiavelli, Scheming of Royalty throughout History – Addicting Youth to Tech -From Game-Playing Straight into Military – BBC Program on Nudging People – Behaviour Modification – Bubble Gum Entertainment – A Scientifically Managed System – Social Approval, Social Disapproval – Long-Term Planning by Social Engineers – H.G. Wells, Fabian Society, RIIA – Know Thyself – Movie, Wag the Dog – Intolerance by Controllers – IMF, World Bank, Interfering with Culture – Nations Must Push the Agenda to get the Loan – Canada and Saudi Arabia – Canada, Removing Statues of John A. Macdonald – Knife Attacker had Marijuana Induced Psychosis – Jury Rules Roundup is Cancerous.