Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 1-13-19

Topics: Meaning of Happy Holidays – Commercialization – Rants from the Movie ‘Network’ on Corporations Running the System – The Toga-Wearing Utopia we were Shown in Movies – Lord Milner, British Empire – The International Elite at the Top use whatever Area Suits them Best at the Time – City of London, New York, Centers of Finance – An Elite Group Way Above what We Think of as Nations – Carroll Quigley said in the 1960s that Leaders of All Parties Chosen – Non-Governmental Organizations, Charities, Social Programs, Library Events – Debt and Compound Interest – Denzel Washington movie – Time is on My Side – Scientific Socialism is the Key – Secular Humanism – Inflation, Rising Costs, Devalued Currencies – Creation of Apathy – Rationing which Continued long after WWII in Britain – Unemployment in the 1970s – Britain’s High Suicide Rate in the 1970s – Introduction of Drug Cartels – Freedom is a Lot More than Sex – Civility – Bureaucracy – The Psychopathic Era – Microsoft – Public Servants Live like Kings – Cecil Rhodes Left Most of his Money to the Rothschilds – Spy (Intelligence) Agencies – Any Problems that Come Out of Sex will be Dealt with for You Free of Charge – Pornography – Weaponized Entertainment – The Sexualization of Everything – Normalizing Pedophilia – Contamination, Getting into Degrees of Right and Wrong – Music Festival in Australia – FOMO, Fear of Missing Out – Clusters of Cancer in the U.S.A. and Australia – Toxic Secret, 3M and Pollution with Toxic PFAS – Chemicals – Leader of Russian Orthodox Church says Antichrist will Control us Through Phones – Five Eyes Intelligence Agencies – Tavistock – Corruption Now Rampant throughout the System – Gasoline Theft in Mexico – Sydney Measles Alert – Bolton says No Withdrawal from Syria Yet – Pacific Trade Deal Spurs Canadian Farm Sales to Japan as U.S. Watches – UK Floats the Idea of a Meat Tax – 48,000 Brits Dead after Worst Winter in 42 Years – Problems with Mail Delivery – Mental Health Issues with Youth – Sense of Purpose has been Destroyed.