Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 1-6-18

No Decision with This Religion: “Mind Masters Mould Memes, All Must be True, Temple Ethernet is for Worship, Take a Pew.”

Topics: Purpose – Our Needs are Greater than Just Material – RIIA, CFR, the Milner Group and the Creation of a World Government with a Common Culture – The British Empire – Myths and Foundation Myths – Pirates, Queen Elizabeth I, Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, the Spanish Armada – Central Banking System, World Bank, BIS, IMF – Ireland and the IMF – How You are Taught to Perceive Things, for Example the Comedian – The Comedian is the Product and Behind Him are Teams of Writers, Image-Makers, Deportment, Stylists, Fashion Designers and the Corporate Boys, Advertising, Bookings, Accommodations; It’s a Corporation and You see the End Product – Same Technique Used with Politicians who are Trained how to Avoid Certain Topics and Questions – Kissinger had Managers who Decided in Advance of the Interview what Questions were Allowed – Show Business – The Star-Making Machinery – This Technique is Also Used to Launch Professors on Big Talk Shows who have Been Chosen to Lead People in a Certain Direction – CFR has used George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Other Stars – Adam Curtis’ Documentaries; BBC – Hypernormalization; Put on a Pretense that Everything is Okay – Algorithms – The Ether Becomes an Echo Chamber of You – DARPA – You’re Given Just Enough Freedom so You don’t Break – The Ideal Citizen Produces and Consumes, Seen as Economic Units – Less Suicides and Domestic Violence During Wartime – The Club of Rome and the Trouble with Democracy – Jimmy Carter – The Trilateral Commission, the Real Technocrats behind the Scenes – Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era; Radio Waves and other Quiet Weaponry; The Gradual Appearance of a More Controlled Society – Continuous Surveillance over Each Citizen – Bertrand Russell, Macy Group, Frankfurt School – Carroll Quigley, Communism, Foundations – Brzezinski said People and Governments Must Serve the Needs of Multi-National Banks and Corporations – Adam Curtis’ The Mayfair Set – Britain after Suez Crisis – Military – Surveillance Technology Replaces other Types of Weapons Sales – Boer War – UK Propaganda, “The Integrity Initiative” – The Institute for Statecraft – International Institute for Strategic Studies – Smith Richardson Foundation – Christopher Nigel Donnelly – Carl Bernstein, The CIA and the Media – Amazon’s Secret Cloud Region for the CIA – FBI uses Amazon’s Facial Recognition Technology – China’s New Antenna is a Cancer Risk – Walmart’s Autonomous Robot Bees – Poo on all McDonald’s Touchscreens Tested – Canada Government Debt to GDP – Canada’s National Debt Clock- Has Australia’s Net Debt Doubled.