Cutting Through The Matrix With Alan Watt – 11-25-18

A Brave New World of Paid Painless Prisons, Owner-Specialists Make All Life’s Decisions.

Topics: Early Winters – COP24 – Inflation – The Con of Money – Prison Studies – Social Workers – Industrial Britain’s Inhumane System – Queen Victoria, The Great White Chief, The Mother – Today We have the Super Gods of Technology – Democracy is a Tool of the Ruling Elite – Carroll Quigley on how Leaders of All Parties are Chosen in Advance – Club of Rome, Frighten People into Obedience with Climate Change Fear Tactics – Technocratic Rule – Fabian Society – The Astor Family -J. Maynard Keynes – International Bankers Prefer Socialism – B. Russell Talked about Training People to be Narcissistic, Hedonistic – Mental Evaluation of Children – Medicating Active Young Boys, Eradicate Leadership Abilities – Kinsey Pushed by Rockefeller – Teachers are Change Agents – Dr. Spock, Raised a Generation of Psychopaths – In a Socialist System, Let the Experts Decide Everything for You – Orwell’s Animal Farm – UNESCO – Brainwashed by Fiction and Entertainment – Politically Correct Speech, Intolerance – Hater – George Soros, the Child’s Vote – Young Communist League, Hitler Youth – Boy Scouts – Terming Something Hate Speech Can be Used to Shut Down All Debate – France to ‘Embed’ Regulators at Facebook – Bell Telephone – COP24, Climate Change Used to Bring in Austerity – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – Agenda 21, Crowd You into Cities, End Maintenance of Rural Roads and Phone Lines – David Attenborough – David Suzuki, People are Just Maggots – Humans ‘Off the Hook’ for African Mammal Extinction – Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Tactics and Costs in the First 15 Years of Deployment – Soma – Made-in-India Drugs Based on Weed will Soon be Available – Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Investigates Migrant Caravan- Theresa May, Brexit – Spain Threatens to Pull the Plug on Brexit Deal, Rock of Gibraltar – School has 17 Children Changing Gender as Whistleblower Claims Autistic Pupils are Being Tricked into Thinking They are the Wrong Sex – British Girls are among the Heaviest Binge-Drinkers in Europe – 1 in 3 Women in Britain has an Abortion and 95% don’t Regret It – Celine Dion’s Gender-Neutral Clothing Line – Nick Clegg – Wyoming Billionaire Pledges to Protect 30% of Planet by 2030 – Getting Through to Young Folk Who can Avoid Some Pitfalls.