Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 11-4-18

Cold, Ruthless Algorithms Dissect Conversation, Punishing, Applauding, Methodically Persuading, In Leer of Our Overseer Hints a Smile Sardonic, No Other Gods Before Him, Whiffs of the Demonic.

Topics: Time is Flying – Persinger’s Field Theory – Techniques of Control – Bertrand Russell – Trained to Believe We Live in Best Country in the World – Life is Full of Deceptions – Kept Distracted with Data – Adam Curtis, Propaganda, Decency Laws in 1950s Britain – Deviancy Promoted in the Culture – Vulnerable Children – Neuroscientists, Behaviourists – BIT, Behavioural Insights Teams – Movie, The Third Man – Communism – Documentary on The Katyn Massacre of Polish Officers by the Communists; The Soviets Altered Film to Make it Appear the Germans had Slaughtered the Officers – The World is Silent about Communist Atrocities – George Orwell Connected Dots between Communism and Germany’s National Socialism – Marxism is a Religion – Forced Migration, Economic Warfare – Not Allowed to Speak Out, Threats, Imprisonment and Then Finally Extermination – Viciousness of Human Nature – Dropping the Atom Bomb – All Through the Soviet Era, Canada and the U.S. Supplied Soviets with Grain – World Bank Loans to Developing Countries Funded by the Taxpayers of First World Countries – Power Group that Runs the World Owns the World Bank, IMF, BIS, United Nations, the Central Banks – Eustace Mullins Wrote a Book about the Creation of the Federal Reserve – Jekyll Island – Special Drawing Rights – Socialism is a Cover for a Very Powerful Group – Carroll Quigley – Elastic Money Backed by Nothing; a Fiction – Gaddafi – Tony Blair; Divvying Up Iraqi Oil Fields Far in Advance of Invasion – Science and Socialism Strip You of Any Kind of Sacredness of Humanity – Polio Vaccines with Simian 40 Virus – Brain Chips – Religious Debates – Belief is Different than Knowing – Tangible Evil – Abortion – Deliberate Destruction of the Family – Total War – Genocide in Rwanda; What was in These People? – Persuasive Design – Psychologists and Behaviourists Hired to Create Products We Want to Use More and More – B.J. Fogg – Book, The Hidden Persuaders – Silicon Valley Technologists very Wary of Letting Their Children have Screen Time – DARPA – Thousands of Swedes getting Microchipped – Technological Fascism – Totalitarianism – Global Compact on Migration – United Nations Parliamentary Assembly – WiFi Field is Not Just for Communication – Technotronics – 3,000 Norwegians Convert to Islam – Movie, Minority Report – Predicting When and Where Crime Will Happen – Peter Hitchens – International Union of Socialist Youth – Please Remember to Order My Books and Discs and Donate.