Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 12-24-18

This Ancient System Does Never Tire, Using Poor and Abused to Expand World Empire.

Topics: Visit Website to Order Books and Discs, – End of Freedom on Internet – Up to the Listeners to Support the Talks – Poverty is Relative and Donations are Way Down – Brexit – Mass Migration into Europe – Poverty in Socialism is a Form of Controlling People – Milner Group, RIIA, Royal Society, Galtons, Darwins, Over-Population – A World Run by Experts – Many Other People and Shows Use My Archive and Talks without Ever Acknowledging Me – To Put the Truth Out You Will Sacrifice in Many Ways – Psychology and Psychiatry was Meant to Substitute for Religion to Give Meaning to Human Life – Communism Used Psychology and Secular Humanism – U.S. has Military Bases All Over the Planet – U.S. Took Over the Agenda from a Bankrupt Britain – Can’t Pay Your Way Out of Compound Interest – Small Gang in Charge of the Central Banking System Across the World – Those at the Top don’t Pay Taxes – Christine Lagarde, IMF – Herded into the Internet by Heralding the Pornography – H.G. Wells – Total Destruction of the Family – An “Evolution” Back to Barbarity – 19th Century Great Britain called The Sick Man of Europe because of Incredible Poverty – In Service to the Secret Societies that Run the World – Soldiers – George Orwell Knew the Elite Who Planned the Future – Orwell’s 1984; Wars are Meant to Keep Going and Going – When Soldiers are Out of Military and Start to Mature, Sometimes they can Admit to the Atrocities they Committed – Orphanages Bred Regiments of Soldiers – People Fought Revolutions to have Privacy – Trained Not to Look at Anything Negative – An Ice Storm Years Ago in Quebec – Common Sense and Preparedness – Political Parties – Elimination of Nations – Bertrand Russell wrote about the Credit System – The West Created Present-day China – Free Trade – Taxes, High Prices – Weather Networks – Austerity to Save the Planet – Controversial Spraying Method to Curb Global Warming – China and Russia Working Together to Heat the Atmosphere; Wargames – Fake News, Embedded Reporters – John Pilger – Belgium PM Charles Michel Resigns Over Opposition to his Signing U.N. Migration Pact – Left-Wing Support for War – The Guardian – Trump announces Withdrawal of Troops from Syria and Reduction of Troops in Afghanistan – Yellow Vest Protests in France – Facebook’s Data Sharing – FBI Plans Rapid DNA Network – ‘Kill your foster parents’, Amazon’s Alexa – Homelessness on the Rise in Britain – Common Sense, Privacy.