Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 2-24-19

Witness Signs of Huxley’s-Blair’s Ultimate Revolution, Using Geneticists, Bio-Chemists, Scientific Collusion.

Topics: Up on the Roof, Snow and Ice – Club of Rome – Diet, Injections and Injunctions – Famines in Ireland – Laissez-faire – Five Corporations Running the Planet’s Agriculture – Neocons in Venezuela, Iran – Karl Marx, Centralization of Power – City-States – George Orwell – Progressive – Carroll Quigley – Book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy – CIA – Orwell, Lawrence of Arabia, Trained by the British Establishment – Orwell worked for Dept. of Information during WWII; Propaganda – Royal Institute for International Affairs – Many Think-Tanks with Ties to the CFR – Smart Cities – Agenda Implemented with Your Tax Dollars – Quigley said CFR and Related Groups were Often Mistaken for Communists; Same Agenda, Sustainability, Reduction of Population – Aldous Huxley, They Will Come to Love Their Servitude; Lots of Drugs, Sex – Using Australia as an Example of How Quickly the Agenda is Moving Along – The Matrix Movies – Movie, Anon; Brain Implants, Everything Seen and Known – Predictive Programming – Festivals in Australia show the Results of the Post-Cultural War – Syphilis now Rampant – Baby Boomers – Academia, Neuroscience used for Control – Aldous and Julian Huxley part of a Scientific Elite; UNESCO – Secular Humanism – Charles Galton Darwin, Manhattan Project – Religion gave People Rights – Brave New World, Bred for Your Particular Task, Soma – Huxley’s Letter to Orwell about 1984; The Ultimate Revolution; Marquis de Sade, Animal Magnetism, Hypnotism – MK Ultra – Freud’s nephew, Bernays – Managed like a Herd of Cattle – Right is Wrong, Up is Down; New Normals – H.G. Wells Hated the British Working Class as Inferior – Bertrand Russell said There is Nothing We Cannot Do with People – Politics is a Joke; Politicians are Well-Paid Fronts – NAFTA – Some of Australia’s Top Universities Accused of Selling Permanent Residency to Foreign Students – China, Australia, Huawei – Our Rulers in the West Funded Modern China into Existence – Painless Concentration Camp – Half all Phone Calls are Spam – Orwell on the Press and Censorship – Lenin said, We Shall Win by Slogans – Global Warming Causes the Cold – CIGI, Centre for International Governance Innovation – Canada and GM Food – Pacific Islanders Reject Socialist Proposal to Trade Sovereignty for Climate Change Safety – Suicides Amongst Children on the Rise in Australia – Loss of Purpose – Euthanasia – Australia, Homes Contaminated with Drug, Ice; Children Deliberately Overdosing on Antidepressants – Conspiracy Theories – Counter-Intelligence – Count Yourself Lucky to Have One or Two Good Friends in Your Lifetime.