Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-24-19

A Vast Part-machine Multi-layered Superstructure Directs all Humans, Systems, the Future, Culture

Topics: Massive Changes Underway – H.G. Wells, Change in the Air – Albert Pike, Preparing Groundwork for Revolution – Pike Trained Mazzini – Mazzini was a Good Friend of Bertrand Russell’s Mother – Control of Media – Globalism – Futurist Societies – Socialism, Marxism – Soviet, Rule by Councils – Winston Churchill – Created Opposition – Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis – Planned, Accelerated Evolution of Everything – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World – Soma, Drugs to Keep You Happy – The Perennial Philosophy; The Right of Those Who Know to Rule Over the Lesser Beings – Plato’s Book, The Republic – The Guardian Class at the Top – Children, Organized by Adults, Making Demands for Sustainability, Vegetarianism – In Every Profession People Sell Out, Become Change Agents – Bureaucracy Living Well Off the Taxpayers – Scientific Socialism – Power has Always Used Fear on the People – Britain’s Poor Houses – Free Trade – In Brave New World, the Creation of Types of Humans for Each Kind of Work – Terms You Hear; Sustainability, Borderless World, Overpopulation – League of Nations; Bypass Politicians – Carroll Quigley – Children Most Heavily Targeted with Propaganda – Nihilism – Hope – Incredible Destruction of Human Life in War – Gulf War I, Plundering of Oil Fields – Central Banking System; World Bank, BIS, IMF – Technocrats, Technocracy – George Orwell on the Dangers of Socialism – Brexit is a Soap Opera for the Public – Donald Trump, Tweets – Academia – Truth can Be Taken as an Act of Treason – Intolerance – Fear can Motivate People to be Very Nasty to You; Fear of Losing Job, etc. – Scotland, Merchants Controlled Everything; Clearances Not only in Highlands but All Over Scotland – Irish Famine – The Weavers – Corn Laws – Exporting Criminals to Botany Bay and the Americas – Cheviot Sheep – Scottish Highlands Genocide – Creation of Kilts; Scottish Regiments used as Shock Troops – The Abused End Up Getting Used – Families Who were Burned Out of Their Homes, Living in Churchyards, Waiting for Help – No Validation anymore of a Just War, so Troops Today are Living on a Cocktail of Drugs – The World Economic Forum – 51% of Young Americans are Single; Delayed Marriage Phenomenon, Waithood – President Trump Signs Executive Order on Free Speech at College Campuses – General Social Survey funded by National Science Foundation – The Food We Eat – Bisphenol A – Weedkiller Roundup Removed from DIY Store Shelves – Monopoly Power – Insulin Crisis in America – AI Handling Routine Tasks – Google, Medical Records in UK – St. Joseph’s Oratory Stabbing – The Family Unit is a Small Tribe – All Socialist Doctrine wants to Eliminate the Family and Religion – Covenanters Slaughtered in Scotland; No King but Jesus – Outlandish, Award-Winning Campaign to Redistribute School Funds and a Teacher who Said she was Forced to Scrub the Loos – WEF Funding Futurist Societies and Groups to do with Psychology, Sustainability – Lab Meat – We’re Way Beyond Frankenfood – Veganism – Drugs of any Kind can Flatten Your Emotions – Neurolinguistics – Scientific Dictatorship (Tyranny) is Ruthless.