Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 4-14-19

Governance, Commerce Want Efficiency, Total Control, Over All that is Mortal, Sans Individual, Sans Soul.

Topics: Big Changes – Everyone Struggles with Bills, Employment, Layoffs, No Job Security – Book, The Crowd – The Silent Majority; Those who don’t Have Strong Opinions; Marx Called Them the Lumpen Proletariat – Julian Assange and the Recent Blitz of Media; The Standard Technique of Defamation of Character – Intelligence Services; Espionage – Media have Always been an Essential Part of Government – Early Days of the Internet – Complexities of Power – After 9/11, Censorship Kicked In – Government is Power, Power is Never Nice – Ultimate Power Really is Control – Omnibus Crime Bills Passed in Canada in the Late 1990s – Sexual Revolution of 1960s; Elements Tested in the 1920s; Miniskirts, Birth Control Pill – End of the Family Unit – Those Who Understand What is Happening have to Always Keep Hold of Their Sanity – No Choices Under Tyranny, Only Authorized Pathways of What You can Do – Cashless Society – Francis Bacon; His Understanding of Human Nature and How to Govern the General Populace – Machiavelli, The Prince – Monopolies – Bacon Advised Small Price Increases Instead of Large Tax as Not to Scare People – Austerity – Taxed into the Grave to Save You from Climate Change – Eugenics; H.G. Wells wrote about Sterilization – Movie, Metropolis, Erotic Power, Robots – Virtual Reality – Controlling Who is Allowed to Breed; Brave New World – Georgia Guidestones – Julian Huxley – Aldous Huxley, The Painless Concentration Camp – Lose Yourself in Entertainment, Escape from Worries – Socialism, Abolition of Religion – Right and Wrong; We Choose – Cultural Revolutions in Communist Countries – Former Pope Benedict Blames Catholic Church Sex Abuse Crisis on 1960s Sexual Revolution and ‘Collapse in Morality’ – ‘Vegan Soldier’ Storms a Farm with Her ‘Army’ of Protesters – Peter Hitchens was a Trotskyist and Later Completely Changed; In Recent Interview said No Hope for Britain; Lawlessness, Debt from Wars, Mass Migration – NASA says Mysterious Dancing Blue Lights Spotted Over the Arctic Circle were Caused by Vapor Tests and NOT Aliens – Netflix is Accused of ‘Eco-Tragedy Porn’ – Yellow Vest Violence in Toulouse – Same-Sex Couple Warns of Incest Dangers After Learning Sperm Donor Fathered 48 Children – Movie, Code 46 – Public-Private Partnerships – Floating City, Oceanix will Save Coastal Cities from Flooding Caused by Climate Change – Middle-Aged Treated Like Second Class Citizens – Amazon Workers Listening to What You Tell Alexa – Data Collection from Your Car – IMF Bailout for Ecuador Paved Way for Arrest of Assange – Foundations, Think-Tanks – End of Nation-State – World Economic Forum – Try Not to Lose Your Temper with Each Other.