Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 4-7-19

Changes Fast and Furious Causing Alienation, Power, Always Prodding to Mind Your Station.

Topics: I Want to Thank those Who Listen to the Talks – Always New Listeners Who Want to Know What it’s All About – The Rich People Rule the World; Many have said this Before Me – Aldous Huxley Talked about a Dominant Elite Who have Always Existed and He Presumed They Always Would – Academia – Jacques Ellul on Efficiency – Man-Made Global Warming – People Turn to Self-Destructive Behaviours Because They can’t Find Purpose – Psychopathic Tendencies; Political Correctness – H.G. Wells, Fabian Socialists, Communists – Alienation Studied in the 1800’s; A Sense of Drifting – Terrible Conditions for the Worker at the Height of the British Empire – The Common Market – Margaret Thatcher said Get Used to Mass Unemployment, Some will Never See Employment in Their Lifetime – Manufacturing Exported to China – India – What Employed Remains in the West? – Real Estate – The Majority of the Public won’t Have Private Property – Dennis Potter, Television Writer and Journalist – The BBC – MI5, MI6 – The 1960s, Pop Music, Drugs, LSD, Sex, the Birth Control Pill – Blade on the Feather – As Dennis Potter was Dying in 1994, he wrote his Last Two Television Movies, Karaoke and Cold Lazarus – In Potter’s Cold Lazarus, a World Run by Extremely Wealthy Business Owners who have Superstar Status, People Totally Surveilled and Treated Poorly, the Cars are Driverless, the Police-Military Types are Black-Clad, Heavily Armed and Everywhere – Public-Private Partnerships – Electromagnetic Waves – In Peace, War Industry Shifts to Surveillance and Security Systems – Queen Elizabeth I; Elaborate Spy System – Why Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste? – Club of Rome; Famine, Plague, Drought; Man is the Enemy of the Planet – Utopias and the Incredible Lies around Utopias – Soviet Gulags – Tyranny Always Silences Speech – Khrushchev – Alienation, Despondency – Orwell on Freedom of the Press – Carbon Taxes – USMCA, A NAFTA Reboot – Mark Zuckerberg asks Governments to Help Control Internet Content – US Military Develops Genetically Modified Plants to Spy in Environments ‘Unsuitable for Traditional Sensors’ – Millionaires Immigrating to Canada – Carbon Taxes, Private Organizations – AEI Holds Carbon Tax Love-In – Australian Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes calls for Reinstatement of Carbon Tax – Militant Vegans – Julian Assange – U.N. Floating Cities – For the Younger Listeners, Life is Not Just Fun, Games and the Occult.