What is Antifa? And What Does Antifa Believe?

This is a brief overview of the extremist group ANTIFA. What is Antifa? Where did Antifa come from? What does Antifa want?
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The bankers are eating us alive. Here is the latest news on the actions of these predatory lenders and the booming national debt owed by taxpayers to the private Federal Reserve Bank.
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This is a video that I published shortly after Donald Trump won the 2016 election. America was on edge following a very divisive presidential campaign season. People were exhausted mentally and emotionally. I expressed my hope that Americans would realize that no president or politician can save us or “Make America Great Again”. Only God can do that.

My wish was that during the next 4 years, Americans would shift back in the direction of seeing the need for God’s protective hand in our lives. Sadly, my wish was not fulfilled.

So, as America is in the midst of yet another vicious campaign season – with protesters burning down buildings and killing each other in the streets – I again share my vision for America. Again, I express to you all my hope that we can turn our hearts back to God and let Him heal us individually and as a nation.