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Malignant Feminization and the Modern World

Michael Tsarion joins me to discuss malignant aspects of femininity and its effects on society. Prepare to go DEEP with one of the original pioneers of conspiracy research – a true titan of the truth movement! The colossus of conspiracy, the juggernaut of journalism, and

Coffee Break Mar 5, 2020 with Steve on Studio Brulé

StudioBrule See Also: (Studio Brule) – Coffee Break Mar 3, 2020 with Steve on Studio Brulé This is a hangout over coffee where I discuss a few things that caught my eye recently Also: (Studio Brule) – Coffee Break Mar 2, 2020 with Steve on

Coffee Break Feb 20, 2020 with Steve on Studio Brulé

This is a hangout over coffee where I discuss a few things that caught my eye recently: Trudeau, Vigilante “justice,” CBC Hate Speech, shutting down Canada, and more See Also: (Studio Brule) – Coffee Break Feb 19, 2020 with Steve on Studio Brulé Also: (Studio

No Joke Janice Episode 25 – Feminists Colonize the Montreal Massacre

As some viewers have mentioned, Marc Lepine was born Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi. He was the son of Algerian immigrant Rachid Liass Gharbi. “Lépine was born in Montreal, the son of Canadian nurse Monique Lépine, and Algerian businessman Rachid Gharbi. Gharbi was abusive and contemptuous

Regarding Men Episode 29 – Circumcision

Studio Brule – Published on Sep 1st, 2019 See Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 28 – ICMI 2019 Recap Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 27 – The Decline of Feminism and the Manspreading Chair

Dayton Mass Shooter Was A Left Wing Extremist

The Dayton, Ohio mass shooter was an Antifa leftist who interacted with leftist journalists on Twitter but they won’t be reporting that fact. See Also: (Lana) – How To Become An Empowered Female Here’s things women should do to empower themselves against the patriarchy.

Regarding Men Episode 26 – Feminism’s Role in El Paso and Dayton

StudioBrule – Published on Aug 8th, 2019 – Commentary on the recent mass shootings and the role that feminism plays. See Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 25 – Men, Women and Relationships Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 24 – Feminist Therapy:

Exclusive Interview With the Actor Who Plays Mr. Reagan EXPOSED!

Join Karen and Mr. Reagan as we chat about YouTube, men’s issues and the upcoming International Conference on men’s Issues 2019! See Also: (Karen Straughan) – Count Dankula and Karen Chewing the Fat and the ICMI 2019 Join Karen and Count Dankula as we shoot

Regarding Men Episode 8 – False Allegations

StudioBrule – Published on Apr 8th, 2019 See Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 9 – Sex Through The Masculine Lens Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 10 – Why VAWA Should Not Be Re-Authorized

The Fiamengo File 100 – All Anti-Feminism, All The Time

Four years and 100 episodes later Janice Fiamengo is stronger and more articulate than ever. This episodes highlights the growing problem of feminist domination of western culture and its attack upon freedom of speech and presumption of innocence. Every era has its socially accepted scapegoat

Why Feminism is Incompatible with Liberty

Feminism has declared war on the principles that make liberty possible and that made the west great. So I want to propose a symbol to represent the relationship between feminism and liberty, and at the same time explain why I am an anti-feminist. See Also:

The Gillette Ad is Feminist Pornography – No Joke Janice Episode 13

Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” ad was directed by Kim Gehrig, an Australian ad-maker whose feminist work provides a vivid picture of the very different ways women and men are represented in contemporary popular culture. See Also: (Studio Brule) – Feminists Force Cancellation of

Professor Who Exposed Feminist Ideology In Colleges May Be Fired

Many people are concerned that Dr. Peter Boghossian could be fired for exposing the shoddiness of gender studies and feminist academic journals. As one of the perpetrators of the Sokal Squared or “Grievance Studies Affair” hoax he faces disciplinary action over hoaxing peer reviewed journals.

Chat with Men’s Coach and ex-PUA, Sasha Daygame

Published on Jan 3rd, 2019 – Karen Straughan Creep:… Video on rape culture:… Infinite Man Summit:

Feminism and the Disposable Male

What has feminism done to shatter the patriarchal “women and children first” mentality, and elevate men to status as full human beings deserving of empathy and human rights? What has it done to reinforce and legally entrench the mentality that everyone, including men themselves, should

#MeToo: Movement or witch hunt? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The #MeToo movement has the potential to correct long-tolerated abuses and to lead to a new era of understanding and respect between men and women –if it doesn’t get hijacked by gender activists. AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers gives insight to how the movement should

Democrats Embracing The Far Left is Backfiring

Democrats Embracing The Far Left is Backfiring as the far left keeps taking actions that results in Republicans making gains. As more people on the left eschew Liberals for Leftists we can see the Republicans making gains in the polls. Most Americans support general social

Major Hoax Proves Regressive Left Rampant In College

A Major Hoax Proves Regressive Ideology Rampant In College. Three academics spent a year writing fake papers and submitting them to major academic journals. In one instance they used an algorithm to generate “rambling nonsense” and the paper was accepted. Some of their papers are

The Regressive Left Is Eating It’s Male Feminist Allies

The regressive left is a world where you are guilty until presumed innocent. This means that their easiest target are the male feminist allies who agree with this worldview. When they make an accusation against one of their own there is no defense, there is

Has Social Justice Become Too Extreme?

Can Social Justice Go Too Far? Recently a professor gave a presentation about how men are being discriminated against in physics due to ideology and not merit. His talk was pulled from the CERN website due to being offensive. My opinion is that social justice

UPDATE and Response to the Data Society Smear Campaign

UPDATE and Response to the Data Society Smear Campaign The study has no data, makes fake connections, and one of their board members is directly connected to actual “natzees” and has been accused of actually providing cover for and defending their rights. If Data and

Title IX Complaint Filed Against Gender Studies Professor

An economics professor has filed a request for a Title IX investigation into a feminist gender studies professor who wrote an op-ed titled “why can’t we hate men?” in which she argues that hating men “seems logical.” Mark Perry argues that she shows clear prejudice

Globalists: NK Won’t Be Denuclearized

Joel Skousen joins to look at the efforts beginning now to come up with details and a timetable to denuclearize North Korea. But Foreign Policy, globalist magazine of the CFR & State Dept crowd, says it will never happen & pushes the failed Clinton administration

Saudi Women Freed? But Cars Are Being Banned

Yes, being able to drive a car is a liberating thing. Congratulations are pouring in from mainstream media as prohibitions against women driving are lifted and Saudis brag they are joining the 21st Century. No, they’re joining the 20th Century — a 100 years late.

The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels

Published on Aug 3rd, 2016 – Western civilization hangs by a thread – to rescue it, we must delve deep into the past to find out how to save the future. The fall of the Roman Empire closely mirrors the challenges currently facing Europe and

What To Expect From The G7 Summit in Quebec

Trump’s trade tariffs on steel and aluminum has put the Canadian finance minister on edge as they meet this week in Whistler BC ahead of next weeks official G7 summit in Quebec. The summit is already shaping up to be a security nightmare as the

‘Toxic Masculinity’ Is Just Badly Camouflaged Hatred of Men!

Suzanne Venker is the author of “The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – and Men Can’t Say,” “The War on Men,” “How to Choose a Husband: And Make Peace With Marriage” and “The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works.”

#OscarsSoLeft: Popularity Contest For Narcissist SJWs

Were #OscarsSoWhite or were #OscarsSoLeft? From emasculated emcee to militant feminists, this year’s Oscars had it all and was as “entertaining” (remember that archaic notion) as a DNC convention. And, Bruce Willis must have a career “Death Wish” in Hollywood to do a movie about”

Intersectional Feminism Wages War On White Women

White female feminists are under attack by “intersectional” feminists and it’s hilarious to watch. “White feminism” is now in the same category as “White supremacy” and “White privilege.”

This is What a Real Feminist Looks Like

The left spent the last year normalizing the hijab. When actual women’s rights activists in Iran discarded it to fight oppression, western feminists abandoned them.

Groper Al Franken Lectured Conservatives On ‘Respecting Women’

Senator Al Franken, who is now mired in a sex abuse scandal after a picture emerged of him groping a sleeping woman’s breasts, once lectured conservatives on ‘respecting women’ and was called a “feminist ally”. See Also: (Infowars) – Sexual Assault Accusations Against Al Franken

Rose McGowan Shifting Blame from Weinstein to Trump and Men

Rose McGowan gave a radical feminist speech at the Women’s Convention in Detroit this Friday. She went from blaming Weinstein and the environment in Hollywood for the alleged sexual abuse she experienced, to blaming Trump and males in general. She even went so far as