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This Is The Largest Theft Ever In US History

The bailout package that congress just passed is a $500 Billion+ theft from the public sphere to the private sphere. It’s the largest theft in US history. See Also: (Lee Camp) – Breadcrumbs For The People While Virus Rages Also: (Lee Camp) – There’s No

The Mother Of All Talkshows: Who will the US invade next

Joining us on the show today is Radd Seiger – adviser and spokesman for the family of Harry Dunn to talk about the latest on Hurry Dunn’s case. Lee Camp – comedian, presenter, writer will discuss with George who will the US invade next. Dr

The Mother Of All Talkshows: Assange’s Extradition Hearing

Joining us on the show today is journalist, presenter & writer Rania Khalek to tell us what’s going on in Syria, what’s being said about it in US media and latest on US election. Nayanima Basu – diplomacy Editor at ThePrint will update us on

The Mother Of All Talkshows: Trump and his peace plan

Joining us on the show today is David Hearst – the editor in chief of Middle East Eye to talk about Trump and his peace plan. Matthew Goodwin – Professor of Politics and International Relations will discuss with George Brexit. Comedian Chris McGlade will tell