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How Unfair is This?

I Allegedly – There are power companies that want to solicit recommendations to have a flat rate power fee based on your income. How unfair is this? This will make the entire system right for fraud. See Also: (I Allegedly) – Has the Collapse Begun?

Has Your Fear Faded?

The banking problem is continuing. Just don’t tell this to Goldman Sachs. They have just said that the banking problem is done and there is no need to worry. See Also: (I Allegedly) – Rent is Coming Due It is anticipated that there is over

It’s Going to Zero

I Allegedly – April 9th, 0223 – evin, O’Leary has stepped forward and said that cryptocurrencies could go to zero. It’s just a matter of time until we see another exchange fail. See Also: (I Allegedly) – Things You Are Not Allowed to Know So

Banks Are On the Brink

We’re supposed to believe that the banking problem is solved. We all know it’s not. Now we’re being told that Deutsche Bank could go down at any time. See Also: (I Allegedly) – Banks Call an Emergency Meeting The FSOC got together to decide what’s

Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

I allegedly – Business is becoming more and more difficult to conduct on a weekly basis. GM is halting production on their vehicles again. Small business owners are having a difficult time getting employees and customers people need to prepare for what’s coming. See Also: