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Globalists: NK Won’t Be Denuclearized

Joel Skousen joins to look at the efforts beginning now to come up with details and a timetable to denuclearize North Korea. But Foreign Policy, globalist magazine of the CFR & State Dept crowd, says it will never happen & pushes the failed Clinton administration

Lib Book-Burn: “Little House on Prairie”

Laura Ingalls Wilder, her daughter Rose Wilder Lane, Ayn Rand, Isabel Patterson — must be purged says Harvard School of Education. Too American. Joel Skousen, who’s written his own book about liberty, joins to look at the attack on Americana & libertarian female writers.

Globalist Plan: Iran Was Always The Goal

Joel Skousen lays out how getting out of the Iran Deal was always the global plan and he looks at the coming Iran/Israel war which may be triggered on Monday with the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on Israel’s 70th anniversary and the

North Korea & Chinese Long Range War Strategy

If Chinese & Russian nuclear hypersonic missiles can take out an aircraft carrier group, then why did the Chinese just launch the first aircraft carrier? Joel Skousen lays out the long term strategy and ask if North Korea is genuinely interested in denuclearization. See Also:

Skousen: Sessions To Investigate Bundy Trial

It’s not just a mistrial. The BLM whistleblower has exposed criminal obstruction by DOJ as well as criminal actions by the FBI & BLM in the Bundy standoff. AG Jeff Sessions has announced there will be a 3rd party investigation.