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IDF Releases more “Trust Us Bro” Propaganda Videos

Kim Iversen – Israel has again released some highly questionable “evidence” to justify it’s actions in Gaza. See Also: (Kim Iversen) – Netanyahu And US Clearly Have Different Ideas On Gaza An Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange may be on the horizon as part of a 4-5

America is Heading To It’s Demise…Can Marxism and MAGA save us?

Caleb Maupin author and founder of The Center for Political Innovation, talks about his new book, “Where is America Going? Marxism, MAGA and the Coming Revolution.”What to MAGA supporters and communists have in common? Caleb discusses the possible future of America with Kim. See

CrossTalk: White House For Sale?

Bob Dylan once said: “Money doesn’t talk – it screams.” Former Republican New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is proving this. Just the sheer force of lavish spending has made him a serious contender to capture the Democratic nomination. Are we experiencing peak Trump derangement